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Family Guy Back To The Multiverse from Activision is the second installment in the Family Guy Series and is a follow up to it, and, like the first in the series, also portrays the adventures of all the best loved characters from the popular television shows of the same name.

You can play as Brian or Stewie, and can if you wish, switch between the two, in their mission is to save their world, resulting in a return to the Multiverse in order to save the day. This game is a third person shooter and the levels consist of many different unfamiliar worlds and you battle from level to level in a cartoonish style setting. The player interaction within the game is very comical and certain locations will reveal much humour, and the fact that the game carries on in familiar Family Guy style shows that it was probably aimed at existing fans of the series. This also becomes evident during gameplay.

The weapons used in the game are also well constructed and with many unlockables, challenge modes, and objectives to complete, the gameplay can last for about 7 or 8 hours and is really easy to play. Although the length of the game is short the game is a lot of fun and there are many moments in it when you will just laugh out loud, and that, coupled with stunning levels, outrageous missions, and a good storyline makes Family Guy a great game not only for people who enjoy the television series.

During the game you also have the option to switch between the characters and the sheer number of weapons you can choose is really quite astounding. The voice of the characters has been taken from the actual characters in the television show which lends even more to the Family Guy feel of the overall experience.

Online play me is not possible due to the developers deciding to make this game local play only and this is a bit of a let down. There are however multiplayer and two player co-op modes. But, all said and done, this is a great game and fans of the series will find a great deal of enjoyment here, and those who have not watched the series may be tempted to watch it on the strength of the entertainment value which this game provides.