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Rockstar games is at it again and has developed an open world third person shooting game similar to the Grand Theft Auto Franchise. L.A. Noire for the Xbox 360 comes to you taking place in the year 1947 in Los Angeles California. You are in the middle of many incidents going on all throughout the city as a police detective for the Los Angeles Police Department. Since this game takes place in the late 1940s you are going to have to expect to be involved in a lot of gangster cases.

The team that actually developed L.A. Noire is Team Bondi and the game was published by Rockstar Games. For those gamers that appreciate unique gameplay and a mind blogging play the whole way through will find much interest here. Do not expect to run and gun your way through this game. L.A. Noire aims at taking gamers in a different direction. L.A. Noire is focused more on your detective skills and ability to assess situations that unfold in front of you rather than a full on assault.

One feature this game has that a lot of people enjoyed was the interrogations conducted throughout the game. As a detective you have to ask people questions, and based on their response you form an opinion on if you think they are telling the truth or not. This adds an interesting element to the game because you have to decipher how to read someone based on the situation that has unfolded, their tone of voice and their overall facial expressions while you ask them questions. This element L.A. Noire makes it very fun for those gamers who like to try and decipher questions and mysteries. Yet for those who simply like to run around and shoot things this is not your type of game.

Overall L.A. Noire is a moderately fun game. Because of the slow paced feel gamers can find themselves getting a little agitated and ready for action at times. Not that there is not a lack of action in the game, but for those who are looking for a Grand Theft Auto type of feel to the game look elsewhere. This game is fun for the gamers who do not mind spending a little extra time and effort to figure out clues provided throughout the game. The story is one of the most interesting aspects of the game and it feels as if you were in a movie when you are playing.

Anyone who wants to try a completely unique game should give L.A. Noire a try. The Xbox 360 offers high quality graphics and sound while you are playing through the game. Remember that there is downloadable content expected to be periodically be released in the coming future for the game so it does have some replay value. L.A. Noire is a fun and interesting experience.