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BioShock 2 Xbox 360 secret achievements.

Carry out the following tasks to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:-

9-Irony (5 pts) Pay your respects to the founder of Rapture.
Adopted a Little Sister (5 pts) Adopt a new Little Sister for the first time.
Confronted Grace (10 pts) Confront Lamb's lieutenant in Pauper's Drop.
Counterattack (5 pts) Kill an enemy with its own projectile.
Daddy's Home (10 pts) Find your way back into the ruins of Rapture.
Defeated the Preacher (20 pts) Defeat the Preacher.
Distance Hacker (5 pts) Use the Hack Tool to hack an object at a distance.
Escape (100 pts) Escape Rapture.
Found Lamb's Hideout (20 pts) Gain access to Lamb's stronghold.
Heading to the Surface (25 pts) Head to the surface on the side of Sinclair's escape pod.
Look at You, Hacker (15 pts) Kill 50 enemies using only hacked Security.
Nose for News (20 pts) Uncover the secret of Dionysus Park.
Protector (20 pts) Defend yourself against Lamb's assault in the train station.
Reunion (50 pts) Reunite with your original Little Sister.
Savior (25 pts) Save every Little Sister and spared Grace, Stanley and Gil.
Sinclair's Solution (20 pts) Join forces with Sinclair in Ryan Amusements.
Unbreakable (20 pts) Defend yourself against the Big Sister without dying.