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Batman Arkham Asylum sees the return of Batman and this time the caped crusader has captured the Joker but, unfortunately, he has allowed him to escape. The Joker later makes his way to Arkham Asylum where he decides to come up with a concoction that allows him to make everyday baddies into super soldiers.

The game combat style is similar to other titles like Assassin Creed where you can carry out a series of moves and these moves are elevated if the right combinations of buttons are pressed at the right time. By doing this you are given the opportunity to be able to create long combo streaks and counter moves, and when very long combat punches and kicks are done in succession, super combat moves will come into play.

You also have the option during certain levels to be able to swoop down from high locations to swoop down on your enemy, and perform stealth attacks and kicking motions for closer combat. As you progress through the levels other in game gizmos become available to you, these include a Batman belt, which enables the caped crusader to be able to use grappling hooks to climb, remote sensor batarangs which can be guided for stealth killing, gels which enable Batman to move through certain walls during gameplay and many other tools are put at your disposal.

Batman Arkham Asylum also has the element of the Gothic about it which relates very much to the Batman Franchise films, books, and comics, so they have kept it in line with the overall style which is generally associated with the super hero. The characters often make an appearance more than once and as expected all the favorites are included, such as Scarecrow, Mr Freeze, the Riddler and more than 20 other characters which you will have the opportunity to meet during the game.

You also have other modes during gameplay which enable Batman to complete a series of riddles which run through the game, and you also have the option to dismiss these riddles, but may decide to revisit the game once completed, and decide to complete that series of riddles later, for extra gameplay.

The graphics within the game and the sound quality is very well presented which adds to the overall experience of the game, as far as Batman games go this is by far one of the favorites. The only downside to Batman Arkham Asylum is that the game is relatively short. The completion without doing the riddles is around ten hours and compared to other games this is a little on the short side. However, this is a very good combat action game which any Batman addict would love to own. Overall I would give this game 9 out of 10 for overall gameplay experience.