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Have you ever started playing a game and thought that while it certainly does look very pretty on the screen it seems pretty ho-hum? Perhaps that has happened more than once, but by playing Bioshock, you may very well be shocked at how its prettiness matches up to how good a game it actually is.

It may indeed look like a very pretty first person shooter game with nothing new to offer, but you couldn't be more wrong as it is so much more than just a normal game that happens to look very pretty. Oh no doubt that the action is alive and kicking in this game and in fact, the action is fine but the main focus of this game is the story that it tells and how compellingly it is told through the radio. It is a very interesting world that grabs you by neck and pulls you in with no intentions of ever letting go. But it is so good that why would you even want to escape in the first place?

For one thing, Bioshock sure does start with a big bang but the impact it makes is more emotional than physical. Such is the power of this excellent game. The graphics are excellent as you are taken to an undersea world where you will help figure out exactly what is going wrong down there. Before you start to think that this is just another role playing game, you may want to stop right there. Like stop thinking that pronto because it is so much more than that. You may have stuff to collect and throw around but you will also be playing with some real cool and powerful firepower as you blast your way into solving the mystery. You may notice however that the weapons aren't very high tech but that is because this was set some 40 years back and well, the weapons weren't very advanced then, were they? You just have to be happy that you have a weapon at all and be done with it, thank you very much. Aside from a shotgun, you will also have to collect different kinds of ammo that you can use all through out the game. Another interesting weapon that you will have is a grenade launcher that doesn't look nearly as cool as it sounds as it looks like it has been fashioned out of a couple of coffee cans and a prayer. But hey it does what it was designed to and is also pretty effective in killing things that need to be killed. There are a lot of enemies to be killed here but what you must know is that when it comes to the variety of things that need to be killed, there isn't much.

All in all, this is one spectacular game that really plays as well as it looks and that is really saying a lot as it is indeed a very pretty game. So plug it in and see what you can do to help the underwater world.