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After years of development hell, Gearbox has finally delivered the much-anticipated return of the Aliens franchise back into the realm of video gaming. With the amount of hype surrounding Aliens Colonial Marines, we hope it meets the expectations. Simultaneously released on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, fans of the film series are expecting a decent representation of the Aliens universe. Unfortunately, this game has quite a few flaws in it.

Aliens Colonial Marines has had a fairly open development cycle, with the developers showing off the incredible textures, lighting and atmosphere. However, what we received as a final product was, in actuality, nowhere near what was promised. Being in development for over 5 years has really taken its toll on the environments. The small corridors that you'll have to fight through all look exactly the same, with little deviation between different areas. This is something that was acceptable in the early 2000s, but today it is a major eye sore.

The atmosphere also strays from what one would expect from a game based on the Aliens franchise. Instead of slowly sneaking around dimly lit rooms, awaiting a tough fight with a xenomorph, you are forced to run down narrow corridors where hordes of enemies come charging at you. The xenomorphs have become unintelligent, weak enemies that take only a few shots to kill. Gearbox took what was expected to be a creepy yet challenging game, and turned it into another corridor shooter.

Some good things that Gearbox included in the game are plenty of Easter eggs from the film's history. You will enter familiar rooms, meet famous characters and see things that will peak your interest. While this is a welcome addition to the Aliens universe, there is still a lot to be desired.

Multiplayer suffers from many of the same issues that are found in the single player campaign. There are only four different modes to play, plus co-op. The small corridors and the swarms of enemies hamper co-op play. It doesn't seem like there is an increased number of bad guys to compensate for the additional players, making the game incredibly easy to beat with a friend.

The adversarial matches are inadequate and fairly uninteresting. With the paltry weapon upgrades you'll be relying on interesting gameplay to convince yourself to play, of which there isn't any. When playing the xenomorphs themselves you will feel underpowered against the marines, while also experiencing a number of issues with the controls. These balancing problems could be fixed in a patch, and there is a number of paid DLC that will be arriving to expand your online experience. That is if you decide to stay for that long.

Aliens Colonial Marines just isn't a good representation of the Aliens franchise. The game feels more like one of the hundreds of generic shooters of the last decade rather than a scary horror game. The graphics are unacceptable for a game with such a large budget and development cycle. While there are some interesting throwbacks, even die hard fans of the series should pass this game up.