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A lot of fans and gamers often await the release of sequels to their favorite games in the XBOX 360 game console. One of the most recent among these releases is Just Cause 2 and fans and gamers alike have been enjoying a great new adventure, set out by the game.

Continuing in the open-world sub-genre, Avalanche software, the makers of the game, gives gamers more explosions and guns a-blazing all throughout the game. There are bits of problems with the game, but because it is totally stunt-filled, this has got to be one of the best open-world genre games that has ever been created. Gamers will experience great action all throughout with plenty of new enemies for players to face along the way and tackle in a lot of interesting ways. For the action-driven player, Just Cause 2 has just the right amount of action you need.

When you opt to play Just Cause 2, you’ll get a grip of the character of Rico Rodriguez, a field agent who works for a very popular American agency, simply called The Agency. Rico’s mission brought him to the island of Panau in Southeast Asia as his friend and great mentor, Tom Sheldon, went missing. It was unclear what happened to Sheldon, so Rico sets out to find out where he has gone or whether he’s probably dead. In his search for Sheldon, Rico had to create as much chaos as he could to overthrow the dictator ruling the Island of Panau. Rico did this with the help of three criminals whom he had assisted in the past with missions that caused him untold chaos but also earned him money along the way.

The game’s plot is not the entire focus of the game but it’s definitely doing its job in leading players to all sorts of chaotic missions and areas. Despite the cool game plot, there are downsides that accompany it. For one, the cut-scenes aren’t even parallel to the in-game action, especially those that have faction missions. You will surely get tired and bored of the repetitive animation all throughout.

Although you may view the game as just a standard open-world shooter, there are a few interesting game play mechanics that make it special. One of the interesting features is Rico’s grappling hook, which players can use anytime. Rico can zip around walls using this hook and he can also pull objects towards him using the hook; plus he can tether two objects with the very same hook.

Rico’s stunt parachute also makes for another attention-grabbing game play, as players can open it in mid-grapple or when free-falling. With the parachute at hand, Rico can explore freely and without fear. Or if you’re the guy who wants to have it all, the hook and parachute can do a mean combo, enabling Rico to deploy the parachute and pull himself around with the hook, simultaneously. These two special game plays make Just Cause 2 really a blast fun game to play.

The game’s versatility in its game approach is one of its best selling points; but other than that, it’s the extremely well-created, mind boggling action sets you can only see in top-rated movies that make Just Cause 2 even more attractive and awesome.

But Just Cause 2 isn’t just instant action and all fun. You definitely have to learn the controls first or you’ll be in for a huge frustration, especially when going through the checkpoints during the mission. Players will experience their character dying often in the game; which means starting over is inevitable. though there certain checkpoints in the longer missions. Just Cause 2 lacks polishing in some areas, as well. Audio glitches pop out throughout the game and there are also scenes where the characters do not get to finish their lines. The overall presentation is really not that refined and even the voice acting is poor. But overall, Just Cause 2 is a fun and exciting game to play in the XBOX 360 console.

Fans and gamers alike will surely enjoy this game despite some downsides. This is one game with action sets that linger, long after you’re done playing.