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Gears of War Xbox 360 Review.

If you haven't played Gears of War yet I sentence you to 25 years in prison for misguidance. Seriously, you must have heard of this game. It has gotten so many highly praised ratings reviews from tons and tons of gaming sites around the net. This game is certainly on my top ten list not for just shooters, period.

You (Marcus Fenix) is a super buff dude, just like the other soldiers. Just like your other fighting partners they are super ripped with almost comical huge armor. You will see what I mean when you fire this bad boy up, but, from the moment you pop the game in you will notice that you are in an action packed game. Mr. Fenix was a solider for COG (Coalition of Organized Governments). However, he was jailed as a traitor he breaks out of jail in the first cut scene to fight alongside the Locust.

Ok so after you break out of jail you and Dom (the dude) that help you break out will go through a quick tutorial to get you used to the controls. Then you will make your way to the chopper where you will be connect with Delta Squad in order to find Alpha Squad which has a device that is supposed to be a turning point in the war. They have access to some sort of secret weapon that is really going to make a huge impact. Hints the name Gears of War!

Don't worry about the storyline that much. They don't really explain why Marcus is in jail or give you loads and loads of detail. In fact, I didn't really learn a lot of it until the second time around. It is kind of cool though how the game is structured because they have some sort of flashback sequence which almost makes you feel as if you don't really know anything about the story in the first place.

The game mechanics are awesome. It is basically a cover and then shoot game, you leave your head out there or just stand in a open space you can bet your ass you are going to get filled full of lead. Even if you do have 44 inch biceps! It is insanely intense and you really have to use your noodle to beat your enemies. This game has an auto generate health element that makes it like Halo, but much faster.

Honestly, I love this game. It is so bad ass and there are so many achievements that you can get. The list could go on and on with things you can do to get your achievements too. For instance, you can unlock an achievement by reloading your weapon a couple times in a row. All in all this game is badass online, and offline. I have already spent hours past my bed time with this game.