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I hope your thumbs are ready to get blisters because BlazBlue is back to rock you with its relentlessly fast fighting game action. BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend brings back all the characters you have become familiar with, like the slow but fearsome Iron Tager, or the relentlessly quick and punishing Jin Kisaragi. The player will be able to find a fighter that fits their play style, whether it is a zoning character with lightning fast projectiles to punish any opponent who will dare to close the distance, slower more hard hitting characters that require some timing but when they get a hit confirm can punish opponents with a swift death, even to technical characters that are mastered through timing specific counter attacks or setting up traps.

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend brings some new character into the series that have not been playable, which is welcomed considering the ability to master new fighters to leave you with greater variety when playing against friends online or in person. Some older characters have even been revamped move sets so they feel fresh when you return to playing them. If you are a beginner to fighting games then you will not have any trouble getting into the groove of things, as BlazBlue sports a beginners mode and tutorials that will teach you everything you need to get started. With these modes first time players can jump right into the heart pumping action, and play like the pros do while learning the core mechanics needed to master the game and its quick style.

BlazBlue also treats the player with high definition, digitally drawn backgrounds and tempo pumping music that keeps the energy high during all battles, whether casual or on a competitive level. BlazBlue is designed with a story mode that expands each characters individual goals and back-stories for a more immersive gaming experience, and spans for more than several hours with dialogue sequences and destiny related battles. In addition to having basic controls like light, medium, and heavy punches and kicks, BlazBlue utilizes an in depth combo system through the use of the Drive attack. Each Drive command is specific to the character you are playing as, no two characters have the same Drive attack. Some characters have Drive attacks that absorb health with each hit, freezing opponents in their tracks, juggling the enemy through the air to open up more options for combos, and many more, making each character unique with their own original move sets.

The game also features a Legion mode in which the player controls a character on a grid-based field, moves over into enemy territory and battles to see who will claim the area. This is great for any player that wants to mix it up with something different from just fighting against other players. All in all BlazBlue is an immersive fighting experience and a visual wonder to look at while playing. With its velocity-based action, BlazBlue is sure to leave the player with a shaky hand trembling for more.