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Ryse Son of Rome Xbox One secret achievements.

Carry out the following tasks to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:-

Forever lost (15 pts) Find your mother and sister.
From the dead (30 pts) Become the Righteous Hand of Vengeance.
Inner demons (30 pts) Find out what really happened to your parents.
Medium rare (5 pts) Use an execution to set fire to an enemy.
Never give up, never surrender (30 pts) Beat Commodus.
Not my type after all (30 pts) Beat Boudica.
Step right this way! (10 pts) Use a trap to kill an enemy.
The bigger they are ... (30 pts) Beat Glott.
There's no such thing as luck (10 pts) Kill an enemy by perfectly deflecting an arrow.
To Protect and to Serve (15 pts) Meet Nero.
Who's that girl? (30 pts) Meet Boudica.