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First time I have played a GTA game on the PSP and I have to say I am amazed with this game graphics, Iv played it on other consoles but was surprised overall. It starts out as you are character "Huang Lee". He is a rich and spoiled kid that is living it up on his father's money. Unfortunately, his father is murdered and you must travel to Liberty City to pass on a heirloom. His father's death has sparked quite a struggle in Liberty City.

As in most GTA games, it isn't that simple, as soon as he gets off his plane he is robbed and they steal his sword, which was his reason for coming to Liberty City in the first place. He has a lot of revenge on his mind and this will allow you to do a lot of missions in order to make up some ground.

The game does not follow the traditional third person style that it does on PS3 and Xbox 360. You have to think back in the old days on the computer when you played GTA on PC. It is from a top down angle, think PS1. It is loads of fun and brings back tons of memories, a blast from the past.

This game packs some serious lengthy mission, as it comes with 70 plus in total. You can do anything from smuggling marijuana, to robbing banks, and even sabotaging a racecar. Along with the main missions there are variety of vigilante missions..

So basically in Chinatown Wars you are going to be dealing drugs, it has never been so fun either, they will show up on your maps as blue dots (drug dealers). You will find that there are a ton of dealers lurking the streets, you can stop and talk to them, survey their stock, ect. It is really a huge drug trade in which you are going to buy low and sell high and complete missions to get more money.

Without going through the whole story line you can even play missions you have already completed and unlock different HQ's around the city. I found this to be a lot of fun, I took a lot of time replaying missions and trying to beat my high score or best time.

Now what is really fun is playing the online play. You simply sign up for an account on RockStar's Social Club and do all kinds of new levels with others online. This will keep track of your stats, you can save up your money and even unlock bullet proof cars, as well.

You will certainly get loads and loads of entertainment out of this game and quite cheap to buy.