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Ok, I know you probably have all played the first three Halo games, and maybe you have thought to yourself. I love Halo, how bad could Halo Wars be? Well the honest to god truth is pretty damn bad. There are a lot of holes in this game which will leave you scratching your head and asking why did I waste my hard earned money on this game.

Don't get me wrong there are some good parts to this game. For instance, the story is pretty good (but very short, about 5 hours when it is all said and done). Also, this game does have great cinematic voice work, and amazing environments to go along with it. However, there is just too much that this game lacks to hold your attention for very long.

Your adventure will start in a world called Harvest, this is where the UNSC battleships Spirit of Fire leader is investigating the "covenant" activity. To make a long story short a person that should not have access to a super weapon gets their paws on it. It does come with tutorials which do help you for the most part. But, there are some units that they simply just don't show you how to use? Not saying that it is rocket science to use different UNSC and Covenant forces, but a little expansion could of helped a bit.

The controls are quite easy to use, but there is only a limited amount of stuff you can do with them. I would like to be able to divide the units up into groups which you simply cannot do. True you can select all units and all types, but what the hell, would it kill them to allow you to assign them to group. Seriously, I am a developer and I know it couldn't be that hard to do!

You have to build a shit load of resources before you can even build a good sized army in this game. You can play as either UNSC and Covenant structures in two player modes, but what about the Flood race which you will be introduced to further in the game. However, you can't even play a campaign mode in with Covenant structures. What the hell, they just seemed to leave everything out of this game!

I really just feel that they rushed this game, true there is some good replay in this game, you can also find skulls, like in most Halo games to unlock special ways to customize the game. However, halfway through I just thought why am I doing this anyways. There is minimal amount of units and only a factions to choose from, all in all this game could should of been better, and perhaps they should sit up and take note to improve future releases, all in all I am disappointed.