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Need For Speed Most Wanted for PS Vita has visually stunning graphics and is basically the same as the consoles versions but now playable on the handheld Vita.

Where to start, first the graphics.

The graphics in this game are amazing, you could think of it as a portable PS3 version, nice and slick and on a par with other top Vita titles. Every inch of detail on the car is there, clearly visible and defined like it should be. Even the sparks flying from a blown tire or a collision are rendered with realism, and the background and scenery are also very well balanced and do not seem repetitive. The buildings have also been created with much detail and the car impacts and racing are about as real as any I have seen.

If I had to criticize the graphical aspect slightly I would say that the intros pixelation could have been improved, and the problem is probably largely due to the fact that the graphics were taken from the original console releases, and perhaps space was an issue. There were other times when there was a little bit of a pixelation problem, mainly during the cutscenes, but apart from that this is one solid game in the graphics department.


The over handling is like any other car game, for me it seemed pretty simple to be able to move the cars during the gameplay, and I had no real issues with the overall controls used in the game.


The multiplayer is where the game really begins to shine. However, unlike the versions released on the consoles where you could play up to 8 people at any given time, there is a restriction on the PlayStation Vita. On the PS Vita you only get to play in stages and you only have a limit of 4 players which can be playing in any given race. This put aside, I had an immense amount of fun just playing with 3 other users. I would imagine the reason for this restriction is that 8 cars on such a small screen would hinder the overall quality and look a little crowded. These small limitations are not really much of a problem.

So there you have it, without a doubt the best by far on the PS Vita in relation to a good old racing game.