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With the single-player mode you can play with your team to go through the qualifying campaign or you can opt to challenge the other team at the finals. You can also play on other modes like Be A Pro or Captain Your Country. The latter is pretty much alike with the former mode as introduced in FIFA 08. The games starts by creating a player, and making your way through the whole course of the qualifying rounds, not just one match. The trick is to acquire a large number of good records throughout the game to be promoted as the captain as you go to the finals. The key is that the weaker the team is, the easier you get promoted.You should be able to outplay other players aspiring for the captainship. Whether played in single player, where the other team is AI-controlled; or multi-player, the game is hot.

The football per se is the same with FIFA 08 with the advanced kick system. Additionally, there are a number of scenarios that can be played out aside from the regular matches and competitions. Previous midseason football titles are given in relation to major titles, teams playing on a full qualifying game is pointless if battling against a high-ranking team. But in this release, it is not always the case. Though weak in ranking, the opponent AI makes changes from the get-go of the competition. The more weak teams there are in number, the more difficult your path to the goal is. The crowd is more aggressive making comments that would hurt in real life.

The weather pretty much affects any outdoor game especially football. One of the features that have been enhanced in the game is the climate. The rain has noticeable effects on making the player's actions slower, and the ball slides easily on the surface. It will also greatly affect the landing of the ball as you hit it in different kinds of surfaces.

The multi-player mode will hasten the competition s you begin to challenge your friends or anyone online. This release presents a metagame that tallies the scores of various European nations on the entire tournament and hands out prices to whoever played best during the day.

Euro 2008 is indeed a breakthrough in football gaming as it perfectly mirrors the drama in a major international league. The game is not that of an improvement of FIFA 08 but the technicalities are smoother. There are many things in the game that will surprise you even if you have repeatedly read it in different reviews.