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Sonic and The Secret Rings for the Wii lets you run in 3D space at breakneck speeds through great – looking, wow –worthy stages. It was able to redeem our blue hedgehog after a slew of disappointing and downright bad games.

The story follows Sonic in his dreams, wherein a genie appears. This genie is from the book Arabian Nights, which is currently under siege by the evil genie Emazor. According to the good genie, if Emazor gains enough power, he will leave Arabian Nights and terrorize Sonic’s world. Sonic must stop Erazor at any cost, and to do so he must go inside the book and collect magic rings that will restore Arabian Nights to order.

You play as Sonic, and you travel to 7 adventure worlds ranging from floating ruins to a pirate world. Each level is made of several different challenges, or mini games. These games add variety and uniqueness.

Sonic’s controls are easy enough. Hold the Wii remote sideways and tilt it left or right to move Sonic side to side. Button 1 makes Sonic stop while button 2 makes him jump. There is a bit of frustration here since Sonic will automatically run as fast as he can forwards, it’s your job to make him jump and avoid obstacles. Time you jumps and sidesteps so that you’ll avoid the hazards. Combat can de achieved by jumping into the air and homing in on your enemies. Jumping will automatically target your enemies, and while you’re in the air, move the remote forward to strike the enemy.

If you devote enough playing hours to it, Sonic and The Secret Rings will be finished in just a matter of a few days, or over the weekend. Multiplayer mode involved different mini games that make creative use of the remote, and you get to play with 3 friends, or 3 AI characters.

The visuals are sharp and colorful in Secret Rings; you can feel the e thrill of the game as Sonic speeds up in your screen. And no matter how fast Sonic gets, there is no downtime for the game, just seamless game play. The music and dialogue lends to the game a 90’s vibe into it, and they match the game perfectly you’ll feel a sudden burst if energy just listening to it.