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If you have ever felt that Star Wars Battlefront II missed out on a lot, and you want them to redeem themselves then do try Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron. This sequel features campaign mode (in the truest sense of the word), online battle, and customization that is way better the Battlefront II.

Renegade Squadron is basically a multiplayer third person shooter game, and it can connect up to 8 of your friends for a one of a kind blast! Adding up is the meaty inclusion of play for up to sixteen players online. 2 teams fight to control certain points in the map. Each team begins with a certain number of tickets, and as players re-spawn (is they get killed), a ticket will be deducted from them. There are two ways to win, capture all of the enemies control enemies, or burn out their tickets. 15 varied maps can be chosen as area of play, and an online leader board is available. Battling isn’t limited to prancing around on foot. You can ride speed bikes, AT – STs, hover tanks, and AT –ATs. Worried about too little humans? The game automatically serves out AI team mates or enemies, though they are generally mindless.

Ground controls are now better in Renegade Squadron. They are not perfect, but things have certainly improved since the Battlefront II days. By default, the analog stick is for moving and turning. If you want to strafe, hold down the R button while using the analog stick. The R button is also for locking onto targets; L is for jump and sprint. Turning around could use a little speed. For the targeting mode, it will lock onto a larger enemy than the one you intend to, and snapping out of the lock is drudgingly. slow.

In every little part that Battlefront II has failed in misery, Renegade Squadron has managed to make amends for. The characters and vehicles look better, and are more detailed. The environment suits the setting, and gone are glitches from Battlefront II due to a slow frame rate. It also sounds like the way a Star Wars game should, packed up with the sound effects we all know too well.