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Angry Birds Star Wars is a hybrid of Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space and is played out in standard Angry Bird territory and in space.

The game begins on Tattoine the fictional home of Luke Skywalker before moving on to the Death Star, Hoth and eventually to Dagobath before concluding in Cloud city.

The cast list in no particular order:-

Luke Skywalker Red
Emperor Palpatine King Pig
Stormtroopers loads of Pigs
Boba Fett unknown Pig
Yoda unknown Bird
Darth Vader unknown Pig/Bird
Princess Leia Stella
R2-D2 Egg
Wedge Antilles Blues
Obi-Wan Kenobi Bomb
Chewbacca Terence
C-3PO Matilda
Han Solo and Lando Calrissian Chuck plays both parts

All the birds except Bluebird have extra powers in this game but some of these are only attained through upgrades as the game progresses. These upgrades, once achieved can be used retrospectively to replay earlier levels. In this version birds retain their chosen abilities even after a collision with an object.

Rewards are earned for gaining a certain number of Stars. The rewards such as 5 Millennium Falcons usable on ordinary levels of the game or access to Golden Droid levels of which there are nine and which become available are more stars are collected. Hitting particular droids found around various levels results in the opening up of eight more bonus levels.

There are six worlds on most of the platforms these being Tatooine, Death Star, Hoth, Cloud City, Boba Fett Missions, Path of the Jedi and the Golden Droid bonus levels. Unlocking the Path of the Jedi world can be achieved by getting three Stars on all of the Tatooine and Death Star levels and to obtain Boba Fett Missions you must obtain five jet packs which are to be found in various locations throughout.

The game adds further interest and fun to the very basic yet immensely enjoyable Angry Birds game while it is still not yet become stale out of favor. Good things do not necessarily last forever and eventually the idea will lose its appeal, especially to older players but that day has not yet come.