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MySims Kingdom is a cartoony take on the popular social life simulation game, the Sims. Electronic Arts has removed the micromanagement and socialization features of the game, and instead build up on building part. Unlike the traditional The Sims, MySims has a backbone to it – yes, dearies, a story that ties everything together. It used to be that the kingdom was populated by wandoliers citizens with magic wand whose job was to aid the needy – but they all stopped.

The wandoliers resigned, and no one minded to hire any more. King Roland, seeing that the kingdom will fall apart if nothing is done, seeks your help (a wandolier also) to restore order in the kingdom. In order to do so, you must complete several mini – tasks around the kingdom such as building a diner for a robot, aiding a zombie bring life and spruce up his graveyard, among others. These stories are entertaining and you will not notice the hours passing by.

Most of the tasks involve building or decorating; and you will often need specific items that can only be acquired through collecting essences. These essences can be gathered through mining, fishing, treasure hunting, or from trees. Every activity has an abundance of essences, so you won’t have to worry about a shortage and not finishing your project. Once you have enough essence, construction can start. Building mode is easy, and transparent outlines are places to guide you on proper placement. Aside from that, you will also be asked to tend to animals, socialize, and find rare and hidden items. The tasks vary on the kingdom’s several islands

Navigation is easy, thanks to the mouse – like controls. The Nunchuk is used for your created sim character and the Wii remote is used to navigate through the menus, move the camera, and of course, build.

By completing tasks, certain items will be unlocked that you can use to update your Sim and aid in your construction career. The visuals of the game are appealing and cheerful, even the zombies are adorably cute! The sounds are upbeat, perfect for bringing in energy into the construction yard, and yet relaxing enough. The main story takes 8 hours to complete, but if you want to finish the game 100% the playing hours is doubled.