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Dishonored on the PC is an action adventure game where your primary role is that of an assassin, to be more accurate you take on the role of a supernatural assassin, and have numerous approaches with which to tackle the game, each one determines how it is played out.

For example, you may decide to take on head to head, literally tearing the enemy to pieces in full on combat, or perhaps you may decide for a more stealthy approach to the situation, either way the result of either determines how you proceed.

The game in set in Dunwall, this place has much mysticism about it, you could describe this as otherworldly, and to aid you in your quest you have as well as various weapons at your fingertips, supernatural abilities and you also have much choice in how you approach, whether you go under the cover of darkness for example.

To most people who reside in Dunwall you are known as The Disturbing Mask, long ago you were a protector for the Empress, an enforcer, later framed for her murder. After a dashing escape you later become known as The Infamous Assassin, which later name becomes synonymous with The Disturbing Mask, so they are one and the same.

Dunwall can only be described as a hell hole, it may be a be home to technological breakthroughs and full of advanced ideas, but it is also plague ridden and as a result the place is cursed with a rat infestation. You will see large groups together and it becomes a real pain to deal with them at times, it also gives the user the oppressive feel about the game, I don't mean I dislike the game, just that the overall feel of the game comes across that way.

The game is also set around the 18th or 19th century, or rather it gives you that impression. Dishonored is beautifully constructed and attention to detail is second to none, the storylines are really well done and to be honest I find nothing that I could really dislike about this game. At times it does get a little tricky, and some enemies will spot you no matter how hard you think you have hidden.

Overall, Dishonored has set the benchmark for how games should be constructed, an epic PC game.