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In the second installment of the Mass Effect series for the PC, players were shocked early in story when Commander Shepard was killed. Granted, Shepard was immediately resurrected and the mission to find and destroy the Collectors continued unobstructed, but in that single moment of death, players learned that the Mass Effect series was playing for keeps and that any character even the protagonist was in danger of not seeing the complete story play out. In Mass Effect 3 for the PC, a masterpiece of gaming, players once again assume the role of Commander Shepard and once again, there is no guarantee that he (or she) or any of the series' character will survive until the end.

With Commander Shepard successfully thwarting the Collectors and enduring his uneasy alliance with Cerebus in Mass Effect 2, in Mass Effect 3 for the PC his attention now turns to the world-devouring Reapers, gargantuan technological insects bent on the destruction of the majority of the universe. No longer is Commander Shepard stitching together an elite assault team as he did in previous installments of the game; in Mass Effect 3 for the PC, Shepard's task is to convince a variety of civilizations at war with one another to set aside their millennia-old grudges to form an alliance. It is through an almost endless series of incomparable set pieces, wonderfully written dialogue, and perfectly-executed action sequences that Commander Shepard accomplishes this or not, depending on the choices of players and determines the fate of the universe.

While the fate of the universe is occasionally determined within the action portion of Mass Effect 3 for the PC, it is through the series' standard dialogue wheel that most choices take place. These choices are endless. The lives of main characters, the continued existence of planets, and the destiny of life across the universe are impacted by the choices made by Commander Shepard. Never have the choices in the series been so morally ambiguous and unlike the first two parts of the series, the choices made in Mass Effect 3 for the PC are final.

Even when these choices are final and the last credits for Commander Shepard's adventure roll, players still will have countless hours of fun on Mass Effect 3 for the PC. The addition of a multiplayer mode to Mass Effect 3 for the PC is excellent. Similar to other multiplayer shooter games, players are given a variety of objectives, ranging from capture-the-flag to outlasting the enemy. Notable, however, in Mass Effect for the PC is that players are given the opportunity to play as any race or class within the Mass Effect universe. Additionally, the multiplayer component of Mass Effect 3 for the PC enables players to level up their characters and classes, which gives them access to improved armor, weapons, and skills. An added bonus to multiplayer is its impact on the single player campaign. By successfully competing in multiplayer for Mass Effect 3 for the PC, players earn additional allies for the final confrontation with the Reapers.

Mass Effect 3 for the PC is an excellent game. It successfully wraps up Commander Shepard's epic journey while solidifying the Mass Effect series for the PC as one of the great adventures of modern gaming.