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First there is no fan base support for this game and Obsidians own take at a role playing game. To put it softly, this game gives me the notion that it should never have been released in the first place. It does so much wrong and is damn right glitchy at times.

You won't be battling it out with a sword, or shooting fireballs at your enemy, instead, it takes place in some popular cities such as Moscow, Taipei, and even Rome. It does have a Mass Effect sort of conversation system, however it is more of a shooting your rifle or even strapping on a bull proof vest, sounds good yah!

Well, I am going to say that it is a good concept and everything, you can decide if you want to put a bullet in a mobsters head who is packing a machine gun, you can flirt with a sexy girl and end up saving her life. However, I am just getting tired of these games where you flirt with girls and have some kind of romance. That is a bit retarded if you ask me, I want to level up and be challenged, not work to get in some computer characters pants.

Most of the characters a lifeless and dull, the main pistol-packing bodyguard doesn't even speak in more than half of the cut scenes. What is he retarded or something, I mean seriously the characters are down right stupid. They don't ever really have any emotions or any lifelike attributes. They are just SO stereotypical.

You do have safe houses throughout the game where you can decide which guns and armor you want to use and upgrade. Again, cool idea with a modernized storyline. I mean you can check your email, get your missions, and even buy intel in the safe house.
The AI is also retarded in this game, if you run around a corner they simply lose track of you. In fact, sometimes they will just start blasting at the wall, or better yet while you are shooting them with SMG's they start swinging there fist at you, what? Some of the AI's actually get stuck in walls and floors, come on peeps sort out the friggin game, bell-ends.

Good concept, bad game. It is never a good sign when you are playing a game and have to ask yourself why do I bother, it almost seems they rushed the game out rather than fixed the glitches.