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This game is easily playable with stunning art style and that makes the game very lively. There are a few twists though they do not stop you from enjoying the spirited adventure. The game is based on the story where young Ninja Hiro and his buddy Futo get on a mission to look for their missing ninja comrades and they will stop the Samurai, the warlord from taking over the world. As the two ninjas are enroute to the warlords’ home, they will find their lost friends and they will learn new spells and they will fight the Samurai. This on paper may sound dull but when you play it the game is full of humor.

This is a game that most will like, this is quite a lengthy game that will get you involved with it’s great graphics and visual throughout the game. The level designs are quite appealing and will encourage you to explore more into the game. The game also has a variety of combat options. I cannot forget to mention the excellent soundtracks in the game. However the game has some negative aspects. As you progress toward the end of the game, you will get very tired, and not forgetting the most disappointing thing on the game; the camera, which is at times very uncooperative.

Mini Ninjas is a game that is spread over a number of levels. The game is quite simple from one level to the next. The levels are broad and they encourage a lot of exploration and they create a blossoming open world. Each of the levels has a number of hidden paths that will lead young to shrines, collectibles or to the enemies’ camps. Some of the collectibles will help as you will mix them to make potions. There are some shortcuts that will help you around altercation.

The paths are quite deceitful as much as they look stunning. You can take down the strong enemies in a number of ways. Each of these characters have strong and weak attacks, the weapons they posses also gives them special powers and so do their personalities. The hidden spells in the levels are used to unlock new spells like the ability to control the animals you find roaming around or those you will find caged. You can free some of those animals using the spells and use the freed animals for fighting your enemies for revenge. There are other weapons like Shurikens and cherry bombs, though using these is not as fun as using the meteors on the enemies.

In Mini Ninjas you can also hide in the tall grass or on the rooftops. The controls on this game are smooth and silky. Each of the ninjas does different specific action. Like you will find that Futo uses his giant hammer as a paddle, Suzume will be spinning her flute in the water. You can spend a cool ten hours on the game if you explore all the levels as well as looking for collectibles.