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The Lego figures have taken a break from their lightsaber wielding ways to chill down and rock out. Lego Rock Band is a kids friendly game based on the hot right now genre of rhythm game, and it has enough sass of it’s own to stand out from the sea of note strumming clones.

The opening scene for Lego Rock Band is a band on top of a speeding van, banging on their instruments as they drive down a road in the middle of a desert. They enter a city, where, to their horror, dinosaurs chase them. In hopes of escaping the gigantic teeth of the beasts, they crash their van into millions of tiny Lego pieces and reassemble it to become another type of vehicle. Our Lego heroes do this for a couple of times, while completely rocking out on top of their vehicle. This is but one of the many challenges you’ll encounter on your road to stardom.

As with all of the Rock Band games, Lego Rock Band can be played with up to 3 friends, and each of you will have a role in the band: bassist, guitarist, singer, and drummer. Notes will be coming down from the top of your screen as you strum along them. The play list is a mix of classic rock, modern pop and recent tracks that just don’t fit in any more. The mix works well since there are just enough good songs to play to that will balance out the not so nice songs.

A few features in Lego Rock Band help make it accessible to a wider audience, the most important of which is the option to turn off the kick pedal for the drummer. The inexperienced will have a difficulty coordinating all their movements into a single, cohesive beat, so the ability to focus on keeping time with your limbs lessens the burden a bit. Players also can choose to play a shorter version of the song, perfect for those who want a quickie game.

Unfortunately, you can’t expand your music library, so you are stuck with a measly 45 songs to play through. Nevertheless, the charming graphics and goofy story makes this a good game for Rock Band fans.