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Sims, when it was first introduced, was totally different from the rest of the virtual games. This new type of game spawned off several versions by different developers but it was always Sims which remained the favourite. The new version, MySims SkyHeroes is a disappointing follow-up of numerous predecessors.

In this new version, the two key things which bring it down are the race and dogfight modes. These include interesting environments which is totally different from the usual homey and wholesome gameplay. This time there are missiles, lasers and mines, not fun or goofy like the predecessors.

The gameplay on its own is okay. The controls are easy and there are no awkward moves which can cause the player to do something stupid. If the Sim dies, immediately there is a chance for resurrection. There are the usual Sims features like the character customization and the plane customization. The new additions like the acceleration, speed and the armor which are not found in the previous games.

There is a single player mode which should not even be worth mentioning for it is simple blah and monotonous. There are too many dialogues, boring and insubstantial dialogues, between the racing and the dog fighting. Unfortunately, these are the very things which take up most of the gameplay.

Then the story itself has nothing to do with the gameplay itself. One mission requires the player to beat one of the baddies for a certain amount of money. However, the player soon finds that even if the bad guy places better than the player, as long as one of the three top slots are finished, the player wins.

This brings us back to the story line. For Sims, the story is very important; for games which involve dogfighting and racing, there is a need to have numerous characters as well as more than 10 players to make it really challenging, fortunately this is included in the game. Unfortunately, there is really nothing new about the multiplayer mode, but it must be admitted that it was sometimes fun to play. The problem is not really because the multiplayer mode did not work, it worked well. Unfortunately, no one was really playing online so be content to play alone, which is not recommended.

To make a long story short, yet again, the MySims game is not as exciting as the previous games and it does not help the visuals are sadly lacking. In fact, the Wii visuals are better, and that was bad. True enough this is a race and dogfighting game and is supposed to be challenging but is not. The story is sadly underdeveloped and the missions are more of a chore to complete rather than a joy to win. The multiplayer mode is also there, which is good, but unfortunately it is not enough to save the game.