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Transformer Revenge of the Fallen is a game for the young children and adults who love the transformers. The characters are movie accurate models. The short campaign switches between the Autobot and Decepticon like the movie did. It has humorous dialogues that add a slight excitement to the game. The player can only play a single Transformer on each level.

It has a very short campaign and you will hurt your wrists with the waggling of the controls. Your power can be added by killing enemies and using the same power to refill your health bar and give double impact attack to the enemies which is the only way you see your Transformer officially transform. You can transform into vehicle form only on limited levels of the game other than that you have to be a humanoid to attack your enemies.

The game is very repetitive in a way that you always do the same thing every time you attack the enemies. There’s no challenge because you can always use your powers earned by killing your enemies to regain your health bar and give blasting attacks to your opponents.

In the later part of the game where you will encounter big foes, using the nunchuk and remote to punch and dodge needs a lot of waggling in the remote where you will really feel pain and bored at the same time. This game is an entertaining game for the Transformer fanatics but will feel bored before even finishing the game. You will always take a pause to rest your wrists not knowing that the game is already finished.

The Transformer Revenge of the Fallen also includes unlock-able episodes in the Transformers cartoon. Transformers are pretty cool indeed but the game shows the coolest thing a Transformer can do, to punch and lumber around other Transformers. This game can destroy your Wii because of the very reason that you need to waggle your controls a lot to overcome the actions in the game. To the Transformer fanatics, you will definitely enjoy the game….for a while.