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Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles for the PSP offers 3 games in 1 package or 2 if you prefer fewer technicalities. The once Japan - exclusive Dracula X Rondo of Blood makes up two of the 3 games. This game has been remade in stunning 3D graphics and remixed and re- recorded music and dialogue while you also have the option to play the game in its true form of 2D graphics, original score, and your choice of either English dialogue or Japanese translation. The 3rd game is Castlevania Symphony of the Night that is actually better than its counterparts on the PlayStation and Xbox 360.

In Rondo of Blood, you control either Richter Belmont, a whip armed vampire hunter or Maria Renard, a young girl who throws doves (don't ask) at the enemies. You guide your chosen hero into the dark chock full of bottomless pits, surprise traps, and monsters. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses: Richter has more health but he is slow while Maria is fast and her controls are easier, but her stamina is out in 2 or 3 hits. Level finales battles are against monsters such as werewolves, headless horsemen, or Dracula himself.

The game features a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' style mode of progression, and strategic saving system that will help you ease up even if you repeatedly die while exploring the dungeons. The final boss is Dracula, and to get to him you have to go through nine levels which often have branching paths and optional areas to explore. If you choose to explore those areas, they will replace the usual bosses and levels you would normally encounter if you have gone straight up.

The 3D remake boasts robust details in the environment and in the enemies. Everything is essentially the same, only more pleasing to the eyes and ears.

The last game in this pack is Castlevania Symphony of the Night, a sequel to Rondo of Blood. The setting is 4 years after the time Rondo happened, a new vampire is in town: Alucard, son of Dracula. The transition from Rondo to Symphony has been humongous. You can now explore freely different parts of the castle without regards to levels, and you are able to equip the weapons and clothing your defeated enemies leave behind. Bosses, on the other hand, increase you life bar and gives you new powers when you defeat them.

When you first play the game, only the 3D version of Rondo of Blood is available; you must collect certain items in Rondo in order to unlock the two other games. This package is worth every penny.