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The game was first released around 2008 and after this amount of time I have still yet to see a game a decent fantasy type game which is on par with this game, there are not a ton of good role playing fantasy games to choose from in the RPG franchises. However, Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion certainly stacks up, it should be hugely successful and will surely become a classic.

Let me start out by saying this game is deep and the world is HUGE beyond belief. I don't think there is one game out there on the Xbox that can even remotely compare to how deep and massive this game is. Not to mention the level of customization and side quest are simply out of this world. Don't forget about the main quest too.

If you have ever played this game on the PC or PS3 you will notice that this game is the same. The only thing I can say is different is the extras that were made downloadable are not in this game. For instance you don't have the option of playing the Wizard' Tower. Don't get me wrong there are still hundreds of places to explore in Cyrodill.

The story and wide variety of customization is what this game is known for, that and the tons of nerdy fun at your fingertips. You are going to be completing the Emperor's final wish in closing the gates of Oblivion. Another thing that players really like is the interface; it is user friendly. You can simply activate quest and your compass will point you in the correct direction. Also, you do have the ability to fast travel to places you have already explored which is another neat feature not seen on many titles.

Like any other role playing game you can customize your character from a number of different classes. If that isn't enough you can customize a bizarre class and make your own. I did this and it was great fun in the process! The way in which you level up is a little different from other games. In order to increase your destruction magic you are going to have to use your destruction skills over and over again. It makes perfect sense to do it this way and works for me.

There are a couple of known glitches in this game though, my character will just up and die for no reason at all which is kinda weird, no apparent reason for this. Not like I was a vampire and went it in the light. It just died for no reason at all a couple times. Also, from time to time your characters voice my change for a split second. Kind of funny though, can expect a glitch or two seeming on the amount of effort they have placed on this game.

This is a great game; you will get so many hours of play out of the game. I have spent well over 100 hours on it already and will probably end up playing it 6-7 times through just so I can see how other characters change as I make decisions. This game receives a 9 out 10 from me because it is just that good and other title like this will struggle to compare to such an awesome game!