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Split Second is an arcade game that would really thrill players especially those who love to see crashing and blowing objects. The action-movie like set will likely put players to total submission. It’s like you are in a James Bond or Jason Statham movie that you are able to crush four opponents with just a single blow. Destructive actions such as blowing cars, buildings, and train rails are exhilarating but once you learn the tracks and the tricks the excitement dies.

As you continue with the game, you will earn power by getting air, drifting and drafting. Your powers will be used to beat enemies by doing powerful attacks. Icons are shown indicating an opportunity to beat opponents but as you push a button, opponents start to do destructive actions such as metal pipes are dropped from a helicopter, an opening of a shortcut, or worse, a roadway would collapse. You can be a victim of your own actions.

There is a single-player campaign where you will be one of the contestants. Additional modes like Survivor mode where you are going to pass through the track with trucks dropping explosives. The Air Revenge Mode where you will be avoiding helicopters dropping missiles on you and getting those missiles back toward the helicopter. The game doesn’t offer much variety and flexibility because it will not take you long to memorize each track.

Online gaming is another feature of the game once you have finished the single-player campaign. It’s a nightmare here because you can’t control what’s going to happen next. AI’s are very aggressive but it lacks the murderous and merciless challenge that you will encounter when human players are playing and you can’t limit the number of vehicles in the race and set the number of laps. It’s a total destruction.

Using the Xbox 360 is a tough job in this game comparing to using it with a PC. There are some features that are difficult to uncover. Contextual prompts are missing. There are prompts that invite you to view an instant replay yet it doesn’t tell you how to do it. The sound though is a plus in this arcade game. The sound of crushing of steel behind you will greatly put you into oblivion. This is of course for those who love to see destructive things.