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If you ever had owned and loved a tamagotchi before, with its pixelized characters and cutey beeping sounds, chances are you are gonna enjoy the virtual pet game from Sony: the EyePet. The pet you will take care of in here is a quirky combination of a puppy, monkey, and kitten, but the result is a certified ball of cuteness and wide eyed curiosity. True enough, the game uses the innovative motion sensing capabilities of the PS3 Eye camera and the Playstation Move control to create an immersive experience. Though the game lacks individuality and a real sense of growth, I had enjoyed my time with it a lot.

First things first, one of the 1st things you will be taught is how to position correctly the Playstation Eye camera for your optimal gaming experience. When you have done so, you name your pet (mine is Brutos) and wait for its egg to hatch. Actually, you will be in charge of the hatching process by holding the Move controller upright and using it to heat up the egg. Once hatched, move the controller back and forth to rock it. There is no tutorial mode, so you will encounter a lot of trial and errors.

Playing with your pet is really enjoyable: you tickle it, push it around, chase him around your room like a simpleton running after nothing. – and all of these can be achieved with the use of the controller, or with your own hands! Reach out your hands and watch your pet jump. It is very exciting to interact with a virtual pet. You get all the fun minus the dirty things normal pets do.

There is no real reward for playing with your pet – neither does neglecting it. If you leave it for a very long time, the only change will be a fire buzzing in its head and it occasionally drags it food bowl, looking at it longingly. Do what you should do as a responsible virtual pet owner or not, your pet will still play with you when you want to. Some may find this a bore, but this is exactly the feature that I liked.