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Hints CCTV Locations.

CCTV Locations:-

Green Park:- To the left of top island. On the right hand side there is a tunnel leading to the piers of the Tower of London.

Tower of London:- Go to the place where you drop before unlocking the secret passage. Before you pick the lock on the gate, go on to the end of the passage to your rear and you will find the CCTV box on the wall to the left.

Bricklane Flats:- It is behind the wall. The wall must be destroyed using C4.

Buckingham Palace:- Blow the wall in the underground section using C4. The CCTV is next to the hand gun with the silences.

Recovering Lost Items:- If you die before you have recovered your stuff from when you were a Zonmbie your weapons and other stuff will respawn in area you have been to before. If you scan the closed circuit TV (CCTV) junction boxes you will be able use the computer in the safe to see if the weapons and other items have in fact respawned in those previously visited areas.