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Kid Icarus Uprising 3DS Hades Treasure Hunt Bonuses.

Carry out the following tasks to unlock the corresponding items in the "Treasure Hunt" part
of the menu between chapters.

5,000 Hearts: Acquire a Hewdraw Club with a melee-combo modifier.
8,000 Hearts: Defeat Twinbellows before it can roar once.
9,000 Hearts: Exceed 15,000 points on the Practice Range (Air Battle)
damage counter.
10,000 Hearts: Defeat the Phoenix while in the air above the platform.
15,000 Hearts: Successfully complete Chapter 14 within 10 minutes.
15,000 Hearts: Successfully complete Chapter 16 within 11 minutes.
15,000 Hearts: Successfully complete Chapter 18 within 14 minutes.
15,000 Hearts: Successfully complete Chapter 20 within 8 minutes.
999,999 Hearts: Successfully complete all chapters on Intensity 9.
Boss Battle Intensity: Successfully complete Boss Battle mode on the Easy difficulty.
Feather: Open 150 treasure boxes.
Feather: Perform 1,000 melee attacks.
Feather: Play Nearby in Together mode 50 times.
Idol - Aurum Bow: Successfully complete Chapter 21 within 14 minutes.
Idol - Aurum Brain: Acquire a weapon valued at over 300.
Idol - Brawny Claws: Successfully complete Chapter 23 within 11 minutes.
Idol - Cellular Skuttler: Acquire Raptor Claws with a status-resistance modifier.
Idol - Centurion Orbitars: Execute 2,000 dodges.
Idol - Crusader Blade: Defeat 50 Souflees.
Idol - Dark Fighter: Have over 300,000 hearts.
Idol - Dark Pit Staff: Defeat Dark Pit without jumping onto any platforms on
Intensity 7.5 or higher.
Idol - Daybreak: Acquire every weapon.
Idol - Dog: Dismantle 100 weapons.
Idol - Dynamo Cannon: Successfully complete Chapter 7 with a score of at least
450,000 points on Intensity 9.
Idol - Final Strike: Score 100 or more hits during the credits.
Idol - Great Sacred Treasure (Mech Armor): Successfully complete Boss Battle on the Hard difficulty.
Idol - Great Sacred Treasure (Pursuit): Successfully complete the Great Sacred Treasure without
taking any damage.
Idol - Hades (Battle): Successfully complete Boss Battle on the Normal difficulty.
Idol - Juggernaut: Acquire all cannons.
Idol - Knuckle Staff: Successfully complete Chapter 25 within 15 minutes on Intensity
7.5 or higher.
Idol - Kraken Arm: In Chapter 12, knock all the Guards into the trench simultaneously.
Idol - Lightning Chariot: Defeat the Boss in Chapter 19 while in the lead on
the chariot track.
Idol - Magmoo: Defeat Gaol in Chapter 2 with a dash melee attack.
Idol - Mudrone: Successfully complete Chapter 13 within 13 minutes.
Idol - Nukleen: Use powers 100 times.
Idol - Orne: Use 150 special attacks.
Idol - Palutena: Acquire all bows.
Idol - Petrified Palutena: You need to collect over 1,000,000 hearts.
Idol - Rare Treasurefish: Defeat 10 Rare Treasurefish.
Idol - Suit Of Skuttler: Successfully complete Chapter 4 with 200 enemies destroyed
on Intensity 9.
Idol - Trailtail: Successfully complete Chapter 12 within 11 minutes.
Idol - Underworld Gatekeeper: Defeat Hewdraw Reborn without hitting any purple balls of light
on Intensity 7.5 or higher.
Idol - Vakloom: Have a total score of 15,000,000 points.
Music - Boss Fight 2: Defeat Magnus with a Magnus Club.
Music - Hades's Infernal Theme: Defeat 100 bosses.
Power - Angelic Missile Level 3: Defeat Phosphora within 30 seconds.
Power - Freeze Attack Level 3: Perform 100 Idol tosses.
Power - Interference Level 3: Defeat 100 opponents in Together mode.
Power - Random Effect Level 2: Play Far Away in Together mode 50 times.
Power - Slip Shot Level 2: Defeat the Chaos Kin without letting Dark Pit get taken down.
Power - Spite Level 3: Successfully complete Chapter 10 within 9 minutes.
Power - Super Speed: Successfully complete chapters 30 times.
Power - Warp: Get 30 victories in Light vs. Dark.
Power - Weaken Attack Level 3: Acquire all arms.
Stage - Large Arena: Play Light vs. Dark 30 times.
Weapon - Beam Claws: Successfully complete Chapter 17 with claws on Intensity 9.
Weapon - Brawler Claws: Acquire all claws.
Weapon - Cutter Palm: Use 100 items.
Weapon - Drill Arm: Fire a total of 50,000 shots.
Weapon - End-All Arm: Recover onto your feet from a knockback 100 times.
Weapon - Ninja Palm: Acquire all palms.
Weapon - Ogre Club: Successfully complete Chapter 9 without using the Three
Sacred Treasures.
Weapon - Shock Orbitars: Successfully complete Chapter 14 without taking any damage
on Intensity 2.0 or higher.
Weapon - Skyscraper Club: Successfully complete Chapter 19 within 17 minutes.