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Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS comes right after the previous game Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. This game features different avenues that the series never addressed in the past. Filled with action packed battles and a thrilling storyline, players are sure to be entertained for hours.

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance takes place where the previous game left off. The story continues with Sora and Riku taking a Mark of Mastery exam where they must protect worlds for the return of the villain Master Xehanort. The plot of this game is meant to set players up for how the next game in the series is going to be.

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance features the same combat system as seen in Birth By Sleep. This enables players that are familiar with the series to refresh their memory on how to play the game. In order to do special attacks like magic spells or finishing moves, the player much fill up the certain gauge of the special attack that they want to use. Players can use normal attacks to fill this gauge up and attach about 3 abilities for the special move.

The game lets players switch when it comes to characters. As in Birth By Sleep, players are still able to switch out whenever they feel like it, but they can also be forced to switch when a gauge drop, which is new to the series. While players must fill their drop gauge for certain attacks, it must also be filled if the player wants to keep using the same character. If the gauge drops, it will switch to the other playable character, whether that is Sora or Riku.

Players can only recruit good Dream Eaters or Spirits. Players can maintain up to 3 and have 2 fighting by your side constantly. They do have to be created by making a special recipe and by collecting Dream Fragments. Spirits can become stronger, but that is only possible when the player makes a more effective recipe or if the player links with them enough times to gain them levels. Spirits are designed to help the player in battle and they have a link gauge that, when filled, enhances the player's abilities if you are Riku or allows for a special attack if you are playing as Sora. players can also compete in mini games with them and pet them.

Kingdom Hearts also features a new mode, Flick Rush. In this mode, players can choose to play by themselves or with others wirelessly. Players battle against each other using cards that have various values that determine attack strength. The winner of this mode is determined when the first player that has their 3 Spirits defeated.

Overall, Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance involves an enthralling storyline, plenty of objectives to keep the player busy, and is the game for any veteran or newcomer.