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Guitar Hero World Tour is Activision’s take of Rock Band. The moment the latter announced it would make possible the playing of guitar, bass, drums, and sing to your favorite music like a full blown band, it was not long before Activision made Guitar Hero follow. It is not as revolutionary as Rock Band, but the huge hits that came with this package is a huge step for the Guitar Hero franchise.

The additional parts of playing the drums and singing along are now incorporated in World Tour, and are amongst the most obvious differences from previous Guitar Hero games. You can play 1 instrument alone, perform as a band with some friends, or go online and form an online super band. The long-awaited ability to play as a "real" band in Guitar Hero has improved what was previously an experience shared by one or two people on guitar and bass. Bickering over setlists; swapping instruments midset; getting sweaty and stinky from jumping around in a small room while your friend with the terrible voice gives it his or her all in "Livin' on a Prayer" as your neighbors bang on the wall...that's when Guitar Hero World Tour is at its best.

This game is not without flaws though. Wii owners lament the fact that guitar controllers are so expensive, almost the same price as the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of World Tour; but they have no choice as 4 remote controllers are needed if you want play as a full band. Given that you can afford the hardware, their durability is questionable. The cymbals of the drums are either too sensitive or not sensitive enough while the bass pedal is inconsistent. The guitars have problems of their own as well; the frets begin to stick after a day, and the strum bar soon was not able to accurately recognize input. You can activate star power though, by tilting your instrument or by pressing a button below the strum bar.

Guitar Hero World Tour is a big innovation for the Guitar Hero franchise. Expensive or not, it is a blast to play with your friends or with friends you made online while playing this game. The songs are of extremely great quality, and the addition of a music studio for you to rock out to the tune of your own music is a great idea.