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Pokemon White on the DS starts with the player being called upon to go to the laboratory owned by a Pokemon professor called Jupiter. Together with your friends, named Cheran and Bianca, you will assist in the research and will act as Pokemon trainers filing Pokemon species in the Pokedex list. The professor will let you choose among the 3 Pokemon to tag along during your travel such as the grass snake called Snivy, the fire pig named Tepig and the sea otter, Oshawott. With a Pokemon to spare, you will have the chance to discover the Unova region mingling with strange natives of the various places including the constituents of Team Plasma in which their villain roles materialize the core of the story.

The bottom line of the game lies in the Pokemon battles wherein you will come across various rival trainers and riotous Pokemon who will contest you with turn-based combats. What is most important for the job is to have the appropriate Pokemon since each one can either be strong or weak compared to another. Moreover, when you have the right Pokemon, you will be able to deal with the moves of your adversaries and will also have the chance to further explore Unova and take into custody different Pokemon to be used for future struggles.

On your journey, the gym leaders are the strongest opponents, but before you can wage war against them, you will have to work out with their easy puzzles located in every gym. These puzzles include solving riddles, repositioning of blocks to get into concealed areas or perhaps pressing on switches in a sequential manner so that doors will be opened. You deserve to have badges once you will defeat the gym leaders and somehow will be simple for you to take control of Pokemon on a higher level. There are also battle modes which you may encounter such as the 3 versus 3 and the rotational modes.

As the name suggests, the first type of mode will let you fight three of your Pokemon versus three rival Pokemon. While in the rotational mode, the 3 Pokemon are situated in a rounded pattern where in one is sitting at the front. These modes including the conventional types are now enhanced with the presence of 2D sprites combined with three dimensional buildings and stuff. However, the audio component is deficient with gleam as it presents dull blips and screeches.

In addition, quite a few modes are now added just like the C-Gear communications wherein you can already have the possibility of connecting with other players by way of the infrared or maybe a wireless Internet connection. This will give you the chance to fight exchange and utilize the brand new feature called Feeling Check. Although, you still need to encounter horrific codes so that you can fight against players you're acquainted with, random as well as local battles are now free of codes.

Pass By is also another kind of feature that will keep the wireless connection active in the exchange of information between players even if the DS is not open. The modifications of Pokemon White are primarily responsible for the player's feeling of new experience; nonetheless, it is still hard to jiggle the impression that this is similar to the game that was released many times before.