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The World Ends With You DS Review. This is A modern day final fantasy-like RPG that still shows action with swords and sorcery, but now they do the smashing and bashing in a more familiar setting- Tokyo. This game incorporates a mind-bending dual-screen fighting system that enables you to ask for more.

The story contains an angst teen hero with a visually disturbing haircut and a cool team-based system. In addition a more detailed customization option for the weapons has also been enabled. This will give gamers a unique experience that is very much both impressive on the DS games capabilities and in the storytelling. With Tokyo as the setting of this game, some places and landmarks were also given more details like Shibuya. From the train-station, Shibuya’s Crossing, Hachiko’s Statue to Dogenzaka and more. All these compliment the overall design of the game.

The story line of this game is pretty much like The Matrix and a little like Battle Royale where Neku Sakabara is forced to play a sinister competition. The mechanics is to complete the task that is given or else you will be erased of existence. In order to guarantee your win, you will need to make a series of pacts with other characters and fight in pairs.

Genuine twists have been installed in this game's intriguing story which will be good for some truly touching moments. The main points covered on each quest is finding your identity, teen angst, coping up with guild and having to carry the weight of obligation. All the good reason for you to try this game.

Although this game may not look very violent, it can still be quite chaotic. Either way, you can feel that on the game when you will be attacked by eight enemies on both screens. This may seem hard but be prove to be easy once you get used to the game.

The main character of this game will be equipped with different abilities as well as a great number of weapons at the same time. All giving you power and strength as you make your way out of worlds end.