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Hitman Absolution Professional Edition PS3 trophies.

Carry out the following tasks to get the corresponding trophy:-

Top of Your Game Collect all trophies.

Absolution Complete Hitman Absolution on any professional difficulty.
Grand Master Complete 100 challenges.

Competitive Spirit Create a contract competition.
Contender Participate in a contract competition.
Information is Power Collect all evidence.
Jack of All Trades Collect all play styles.
One With the Shadows Escape attention from enemies.
One of the Guys Blend in successfully.
Partners in Crime Play a contract created by a friend.
Reach for the Stars Complete 50 challenges.
Set for Life Earn 1 million contract dollars.
Silent Assassin Achieve the rating Silent Assassin.
Thumbs Up Like a contract.

A Taste for the Game Complete 10 challenges.
Blood Money Complete the Play Contract Tutorial.
Damage Control Contain a situation gone bad.
First Contract Complete the Create Contract Tutorial.
Inconspicuous Remain undetected in a whole checkpoint.
It's All in the Wrist Achieve a lethal throw kill.
Rocksteady Execute a point shooting with 3 kills.
Sandman Subdue a person.
Self-improvement Buy an upgrade.
The Russian Hare 47 precision headshots using a sniper rifle.
True Potential Unlock a technique.
Under Wraps Hide a body.
Whoops Achieve your first accident kill.