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The call of duty needs answering once again, the blockbuster first person shooter series returns to the modern day. A direct sequel to [url=] Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare [/url], you now play a new character Sgt Gary Sanderson. Your commander is from the first COD, you join a multinational anti-terrorist squad who are out to stop Russian ultra nationalists.

The story mode features an even more varied series of locales than before, including a snowbound mission that starts with a daredevil mountain climb and ends with a high speed snowmobile chase as you make your escape. With other levels set in Afghanistan, Rio de Janeiro, Russia to name a few.

But that's just the single player mode - the multiplayer is even more ground-breaking than before, with new co-op options and missions and even more rewards and perks for competitive play.

Overall the graphics and sound are excellent, the overall game playability in single player mode is relatively short however with the multiplayer game options and extras this title certainly lives up to the hype it received.