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This game features its strong and very satisfying plot that spans a lot of generations and gives you the role of being a lonely boy. Being a boy that has been rejected by society, you begin to suffer numerous tragedies and try to survive living alone. As you grow older, you will be trying to make improvements in your life by unraveling your past and reconciling it with your destiny. The destiny that you seek will be answered as you progress through the game from slaying bad guys and performing tasks that each level requires.

On top of your screen, you will witness an expansive map that you will be exploring as you go through your quests. On each of the map that you will be having, you will need to engage in every place on the map and ask the locals that live in it for the things that you will be looking for. There will be a lot of confusing directions and hints on every map however; you will still find it easy to cross each map through the use of the party chat.

Of course a role-playing game is not complete without the battles. On the top of your screen, you will be able to control your main character through the top screen outlining all the information as well as the weapons and skills that you can use. Also, the enemies as well as the battlefields will be confined on the bottom part of your screen. On both screens, you will be able to control your party. You can use the individual skills like use magic, attack an enemy or command all your units to heal together. You will find this game challenging and not boring because of the variation of enemies and their skills that you will be facing. As you move along each level, you will find that the enemy grows stronger.

This game enables you to tame and recruit more than 50 different monster types by defeating each one in the battle. Just like your character, you can let them use and wear anything you like. The total hours to finish this game are about 40 hours, however, that will be accomplished only if you don’t make any errors on the quest. Therefore to make it close to that time, you will need to master and practice every skill and every monster ability that you tame. If you fail, you can always start from the beginning.