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This version of NBA prominently features Michael Jordan, His Airness on all of its games. Added with the fine polishing and full features that that this game has to offer, playing NBA 2K11 will be the best gaming experience that you have ever had.

The amount of effort that has been put into this masterpiece is quite incredible. All details and visuals have been perfected from recreating Jordan's historic games, streamlined controls, to the present and past NBA teams that play and feel like their real-life counterparts

This game had so far made the most incredible year-over-year revisions and improvements that are made into a game. Other games tend to lose some important features every time they improve in a year however; this one only gain- never loses.

As you start with the game, you will be pleasured with the greatness of MJ from the high quality cinematics. You are then transported to the tunnel of Chicago Stadium for their first game in 1991 Championship and joins Jordan on their battle. He then looks at you asks you “Are you ready?” then runs to the court. This game gives you a feel of being in the NBA finals itself with the Bulls battling the famed Magic Johnson and pushing your way through the new age of NBA history.

This game featurs MJ’s many challenges in NBA. These challenges include the total points he made in a specific game, total number of shots like 3-point shots, dunks, lay-ups, etc. In addition, special modes have been added for those NBA fanatics who can make it through the 10 Jordan Challenges. On this mode, you will get to challenge the best player who ever lived himself- who else could it be?

Most of the NBA has been accurately captured on this game. From the accessories of each player’s to their tattoos and signature moves. Never have I seen a game that is as detailed as this. I personally think that this is the best game any basketball fanatic can ever ask!