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The game has unbelievably great visuals with wonderful graphics. The controls are touch screen and they make managing your army easy. The story is fascinating with plenty twists and turns. The game has a variety of missions and quests. However the game has its weaknesses as well, the terrain will hider you from seeing your enemies and also large-scale battles will suffer due to the minor graphical hiccups.

Final Fantasy XII game has continuity as one of its main stronghold. You will meet Vaan and his friends in the skies above. The game is based on command and conquering the enemy and the results are memorable.Vaan fulfills his dream of becoming the sky pirate by after one year of fighting off Archadian Empire.Vaan flies on the sky in a ship with Panelo as his navigator.Vaan and his friends Balthier,Fran and Cache of Glabados discover Lemures the legendary sky continent. It is upon Vaan and his friends to protect the inhabitants of that planet from the sinister Judge of Wings and her army. You will encounter friends both new and old ones and the experience will be adventurous at the same time it will crack your brain.

The game is divided into ten chapters and each of them is made up of five missions and each provides more detail with interesting story and great cut scenes in between them there if freedom to travel across Lemures. You can travel past them in an airship which serves as your point of operation. You will be able to craft new weapons, look at trophies earned throughout the battle and also take side quests from Tomaj and his notice board as well as engage in a battle with the local beings. The crystals you earn through mission called auricite will help you strike deals with espers, the monsters. It is vital to have as many pacts so that they will boost your army.

At the start of the game you are given the goals you are expected to meet. The goals vary from sneaking to particular spots, defeating all enemies amongst others. By this you are allowed to analyze your enemies’ strengths and weaknesses and plan your battle well in advance. The characters and espers are classified as melee, ranged and flying units and each is a part of the team.

Paying attention to the team and the weaknesses should be important because then you can only field five characters and beckon only a group of only five types of espers. When the battle begins the characters you have selected will each become the leader of a group of the espers. As long as you have control of the summoning gate, you can call forth the new espers who are added to the already existing established groups. You enemies can as well summon the espers and you have to be diligent enough so that you block all their summoning gates so that you are able to control the battle. Ensure that your ranks are constantly refilled.

All said and done, a top notch game on the DS.