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This game features your character Jack- the newest member in Varrigan City’s Death Watch. Your duties involve a constant onslaught and discovery of hidden tools of mayhem. Its pretty much all the action packed in one game. Besides the bloodbath that Madworld has to offer, it also provides humor to balance with the serious story of the game as well as a pulsing hip-hop music background as you go to every quest and mission. Warnings should be given for children though as this may contain gruesome sights that can be dangerous for them. In addition, try to use headphones so they can not hear the violence in this game

Equipped with Madworld are minigames so you won’t be fired up with the entire bloodbath. One of which is throwing your enemies into a giant hand which eventually closes and squeezes blood out of your enemy. The idea is funny but still has a bloody outcome. Anther example of the minigames installed is when you stick your enemies in barrels that launch into the atmosphere. The barrels will then explode at a certain altitude and eventually creates a bloody fireworks display. These minigames can be very much entertaining and can be visited anytime while on the game.

Those bosses on the end of each level can be very much a pain in the ass but once you discover their tricks and weaknesses, which shouldn't take too long; you will be able to slay them easily. You can also replay certain sections of the battles in order for you to formulate a plan or an attack that can deal greater damage to the enemy or the level boss.

On this game, you can have the luxury of repeating it over from the start to gain a higher score, unlock difficulty levels or unlock better items, or simply discover a new way to fry your enemies. Whichever the reason, Madworld is simply the best game with interesting story lines and top-quality visual design.