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The first thing you will notice in this game would be the impressive selection of cars that you will be able to race with. From J-WRC, P-WRC, S-WRC and WRC and other models that possess monstrous engines. Together with the speed and impressive looks of the car, you will be accompanied by a great set of soundtracks and a nice quality of surround sound for every track.

On this game, you will be doing a lot of preventive maneuvers as some drivers will try to kick you off the race. In addition, the off-road excursions should always be considered when it comes to World Rally Championship. The handling of this game is quite demanding and requires a deep concentration as well as accuracy and precision in making the right turns and brakes. However, with constant training, you will be able to complete difficult tracks easily in no time.

The game is equipped with visually stimulating environments as you drive your way through its streets. Examples of which is the anorexic streets of quaint Catalunyan villages, Sweden’s ice walls, tree-lined tarmac of Alsace and a whole lot more. All things on this game is enough to fully engage the senses. On the career mode, once you graduate from the tutorial stages; you can already race with early ‘junior’ cars. With proper training from the tutorial, you would find doing difficult maneuvers easy to achieve.

The game tries features many competition tiers via objective-based money rewards, unlockable liveries, paint designs and even cars. Once you get damage from the race, you can simply stop by the service area and let your team detect the damage of your vehicle and the amount of time required to fix it. The details of the damage should be precise though if you want to get it fixed quickly. An example of which is the convergence loss of your wheels which shouldn’t hammer out any rim deformation, or the way how to fix a major coolant leak as well as cracked radiators. All these and more, makes WRC FIA World Rally Championship more challenging than ever and definitely more thrilling.