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Resident Evil 5 Gold is an edition with little more extras in comparison to the previous RE 5 editon. There is an additional versus mode. The Mercenaries Reunion because you will get to play with Excella and Josh, who were there in the other editions. In edition Five Gold you will meet two more characters; Barry Burton and Rebecca Chambers.

You will be able to differentiate the characters by the weapons and the unique moves they make during the fight. If you have the previous Resident Evil 5, you will see the Mercenaries mode here is featured as it was featured in that edition. You will find this game quite extra ordinary in that you will have to download some contents. By repackaging the original game with a code written at the back of the manual. One big disadvantage with this game is that you must have internet connection with you because you will have to go to Live Market place to download the extra contents.

The publisher of this game is wise, just like many other publishers who are ensuring that you download the code online to avoid second hand sales of the game. However this is unfair to the games and buyers of the game but it is meant to prevent the publishers from exploitation. The extras on this game have made it quite long and it will last several hours. The Versus and Mercenaries modes can be played over and over again. If you area first timer you will find this game worth playing. The package is aimed at bringing new residents to the home and there is resistance, it is not easy trying to get some residents to the home. That is what the game is all about. It would be wise if the publishers put the game in two different discs, downloading the contents is boring and many of the Resident Evil 5 Gold players will not like it.

Owning a Resident Evil 5 Gold you are going to enjoy the thrilling game for the first timers however for those fans that have played the previous editions it is boring. There is little new things added and in short it will appeal to those people who missed the Resident Evil 5.The game has reasonable price. It will cost between 10 pounds-15 pounds. If you choose to buy each of the extra chapters separately, it will be more expensive. You will better off if you bought the full game with all the contents.

The graphics are rated as perfect with little or no hitches or let downs. However the sound is not as great as you would expect. The game is long enough and you can say it pays the value for your money, and it is worth spending the amount it is worth. The whole game can be rated as a great one, irrespective of Resident Evil 5 Gold being only an addition of two chapters to Resident Evil 5.