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This game is packed with a variety of elements and is combined nicely in the four or five concluding hours of the game. However, in order to make your way to the concluding part, you will need a lot of effort and brain power on the earlier levels to make it through there. This RPG starts with a difficult scene of you being an errand boy with a not so cool hair-do and a sick daughter. Basically you are not the superhero type of character.

The daughter of your character Yona, is suffering from a disease called black scrawl. This is a very deadly disease that is connected with the lanky spirits called “shades” that are polluting the region. Your character where you name him yourself will be given one goal- to save Yona from sure death. On the game, you will be encountering some fascinating twists and hidden truths about the old world. The father possesses an uncomplicated, single-minded, and somewhat a mysterious trait.

While on your quest to save your daughter’s life, you will be meeting new adventuring companions that will help you vanquish evil on your way. One of which is Grimoire Weiss, a sentient book that provides you with your magic spells throughout the game. Kaine, the direct opposite of Grimoire; is a moody and potty mouthed young lady that isn’t wholly unlikable however, posses filthy language that is inappropriate for the setting.

The setting of NIER takes place in the future hence part fantasy, steam punk and a little of touch of Japanese mythology. This game is structured like other RPG games where you complete missions, gain levels, upgrade, find and buy new weapons, loot corpses and a whole lot more. The soundtracks as well as the visuals are also crisp and excellent on this game. I personally recommend you try it.