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In this game there is an entire city to explore, side-quests to find and citizens to talk to all these are tucked in the horror package. However you will be deceiving yourself that Deadly Premonition is not outdated. This is a survival-horror game and as much as it is clumsy, it is worth playing. In this game you will play as agent York, an FBI agent who is taking over the town of Greenvale to probe a murder killing.

At the start of the game there are sets of twins who are discovering a maimed decomposing body and hanging from a tree and you will begin the game in a room with red leaves all over. Within a short while monsters start attacking you and shortly after there is a car crash. The investigation begins here. You will be introduced to the strange inhabitants of Greenvale. You will note that agent York has an imaginary friend; Zack that he talks to. He is kind of a pussy! You are expected to search for signs and cover the whole town, you will be taking part in mini-games like fishing and car races to pass time.

The game gives a bad first impression. The version of the controls is outdated, there is limited camera movement and you cannot move while reloading or using weapons. The rant as the enemies die is terrible and the game looks like a bad PS2 game. The pace is quite terrible also; driving from one end of town to the other is devastatingly slow. You will also find transition from one screen to another slow as well, the slow pace is spread throughout the game, you will notice this every time you pick an object. All in all, and Deadly Premonition has plenty of technical hitches.

With only a few bosses, the battle succession and the poor quick-time press of a button, that attempts to break the monotony it feels like a copy paste job. Seriously! The game is long enough as it will last for over twenty hours but you will feel like most of the time was wasted.

However there are some bright spots of this game, the silly characters and the twisted story are quite fascinating. Some game mechanics like the beard that grows on Agent you, if you do not shave it, the flies that hang all over you if you do not change suits often and that give the game some fascination. The voice that is used during conversation too is not bad, as much as there is repetition of songs and worst of all the near broken directional audio.

It’s an alright game but nothing to get a boner over!