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The Star Ocean series is all about degradation of our beloved home world and with the extinction of the human race. After a great war on earth where nuclear powers were used, the last remaining human population started an adventure in outer space in search for a new dwelling place. Other remaining survivors are left to live underground but eventually leave for outer space years later.

On their search for a new planet, the accidentally crash on a nearby planet that is inhabited by dangerous life-forms. From there, their quest to take over the planet starts. Part of your main quest will be to eliminate all evil creatures and explore the newly discovered world. Expect to continue killing the aliens until you are strong enough to push through uncharted territories.

As you move through one map to another, you will be able to save the map with a save point and can be able to regain health from healing spots that are scattered all over the map. You will need to keep beating low level monsters as well – which may prove to be a bit boring because they are easy to kill, in order to level up and in order to gain the required power for the next map or level. In addition, you might want to check out every inch of the map because some may contain hidden treasures, item piece, and other essential goodies that may prove useful to you for the preceding levels.

The cool graphics include its amazing environment such as overgrown wilds, icy mountains, sandy beaches, as well as technology-laden city corridors and a whole lot more where most of your battles will take place. Combat is the number one aspect of The Last Hope that should be considered because it showcases accurate movements and detailed action while beating random alien monsters. This game is for sure something you do not want to miss!