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The game Batman The Brave and the Bold feature a four episode format that is started with the intro that is the same with that from the cartoon. Just like the show, Batman gets teamed up with Robin, a superhero sidekick to play throughout that episode. The game is extremely as authentic as the series and is highly polished.

Aside from Robin, Batman also teams up with good guys like Aquaman, Green Lantern, Plastic Man, and a whole lot more super heroes. Either you can control these other sidekicks or you can let the A.I. handle that. Aside from the help you can get from your sidekick, you will also be able to use your handy-dandy utility belt that batman always carries around. His belt consists of high-tech gadgets that can blow up objects, shoots out a rope, the good old “batarang”, and a lot more. You can upgrade these devices on the levels to get a bit more advantage on the game.

This game has a cell-shaded character scheme that is used as a detail for each of the superheroes. The animated movements of the characters are also well executed and quite visually entertaining. In addition, the voice acting of the main character as well as the other superhero sidekicks is fantastic.

Each hero has his or her own “one liners” that distinguishes them from the other. The humor is also terrific since the entire voice cast of the show is narrating their characters inside the game. Of course, the back ground music for Batman in all its series remains unchanged. You will recognize every bit of the soundtracks that are being used. This game has been rated a feel-good game because it is friendly, it’s got easy controllers as well.