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This game is played with the two screens that you can easily switch between by simply pushing a button. You will be controlling Hatsworth on the top of the screen in a standard yet extremely enjoyable way. When we say extreme this means making your way through by slaying horde of enemies with your sword while avoiding to spill the tea that your left hand is holding. The lower part of your screen will compose of a puzzle game that is inspired by the famous game Tetris Attack. This combination on your screen may sound a bit strange however, it works pretty well. The first part of the game will prove to be easy however you should take extra precaution as the later part will be extremely difficult.

What the main character does in this game is to plunder tombs despite his age for priceless treasures. Some of these treasures include a long-forgotten suit that is made of gold and bestows power to the bearer. Aside from the wealth earned from obtaining treasures, you will also be granted abilities that you can play around with. One of the unique abilities that you will be obtaining from special treasures is breathing underwater through a golden pipe or a pair of gilded shoes that enables to leap tall walls which are essential to move over to the next level.

Although it may seem easy to make your way through this game even though your character is a bit old with list of useful abilities he possess, the main focus of this game will still be on combat- not on just using skills. To help you combat enemies in this game you can use a sword that Hatsworth carries all the time. You can also pick up various weapons like guns, bombs or boomerangs that can be found along your way. Whatever tactics you use, whether you use a skill or a weapon to make it through the game, you will find this game rewarding and fun.