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Mass Effect 2, the second Mass Effect if you hadn't guessed. You play Commander Shepard humanity's last hope, colonies on many worlds are disappearing and you are have been asked to find out what is going on. What you discover takes you on an epic journey which has only begun, this game is brought to you by BioWare. Lately BioWare have been experimenting trying to work out what is the best way to make an RPG game. They have certainly hit very close with this one.

Story -- 9/10
As for all RPG games the story is one of the most important aspect's; Mass Effect certainly delivers. The game cleverly makes it feel longer than it is with the entire story split up, first you have to get a team together, then discover how to get through a Mass relay and then the final battle. With an UNBELIEVABLE amount of side quest's and other ways of leveling up you can completely lose your self in this free roam, huge size, fully detailed universe for you character. Full of many twists that will shock and surprise you straight from the begging.

Game Play -- 8/10
The shooting system is basic enough with full control over you and your team mates, great cover system and that are realistic with your environments. You can use special powers, secret guns, explosives, special ammo types or just hit the crap out of your enemies to kill them; you wont get bored of killing bad guys trust me.

Graphics/Sound -- 8.5/10
This is a difficult one to explain, it will sometimes amaze you and take your breath away and others you'll think well I know they can do better than that. Overall however the details on your ship, characters, guns, planets and enemies will leave you in awe. BioWare in my opinion have always been brilliant with sound quality for many reasons, the voices suit the characters, lip sync is perfect and the emotions that the characters give are some times uncomfortably real. Mass Effect 2 just proofs me right; with a great team of voices for an almost impossible scale it will defiantly not disappoint.

All great RPG's offer plenty of extra's if not to level up then just for fun, Mass Effect defiantly does not miss either of these. From simply helping a person for a discount on a shop or making some one (for no reason and no difference to the game) die or not die. All the way down to using the same character once you competed it for a special bonus when you start or importing you Mass Effect 1 character so you can play with your past choices still in effect. Not to mention brilliant Armour customisation and plenty of character back story's to help with.

To all new Mass Effect players I would say that you don't have to play Mass Effect 1 first, most of the stuff is told to you and a quick 30 seconds on the Internet will fill you in.

One last thought; it's clear their going to make a third one, not going to spoil the ending but yeah... If your fans of Dragon Age Origins/Awakening, the Knights of The Old Republic series and/or this game; do e-mail BioWare telling them what your favorite features are. They will use the most popular ones in Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age 2 and any other games they will make.

I Hope this helped and thanks for reading =)