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This version of the classic game Tetris contain a special number of modes but still equipped with the old-school version of a portable format game. Some of the modes installed for this new release include Bombliss, Master, VS Sprint, Co-op VS Co-op, Sprint and the All Clear Sprint.

The mode Bombliss require you to clear an array of blocks using bombs in order to create a chain reaction, while the mode Sprint requires you to clear at least 40 lines of blocks as quick as possible. The game starting off at maximum speed is the feature of the Master mode and Co-op VS Co-op is a player versus player mode in a wide field. The single player mode has also been installed in this game where you can play against the computer.

The game of Tetris has been very popular throughout the world and thus making its developers relax while gamers while everyone else is buying their product. Although the game doesn’t feature much change over the years, it still remains as a hit as people buy it over and over again. It’s very much addicting to most gamers who have been used to playing this game back in their days.

If you want a little more challenge on the game then you can try the Master Mode which is definitely more difficult than all the other modes. You might as well try Stage Racer which involves controlling of a Tetris piece called a “Tetrimino” and steer it down through a string of twists and turns.

As a whole, the added modes are tons of fun and challenge, specifically the Field Climber and Shadow mode of the game. This mode features a little man who runs around at the bottom of your screen whom you will need to help get on top. In order to do this, you will be required to stack boxes on top of each other in order for the little man to climb to his goal. Of course this will be not as easy as it sounds for some blocks may disappear if stacked un-accordingly. So, before you make a move, be sure that you foresee the results.

As a result it clearly shows that simplistic type puzzle games of this nature are highly addicting, even with a game which is kinda simple to understand and play. Some of the most memorable games start out like this and they need little changing in turns of gameplay when adding an additional release for it to be a hit.